From fear of falling to free form flying -Intensive-

The fear of falling and hitting the floor is innate to us, it is a born reaction that everyBODY shares from birth.

As soon as the floor hurls towards you, your body’s reflexes kick in – your muscles tension rise and you embrace yourself for the impact. Tension rises not from falling but from the fear of it. In this intensive workshop we will learn to see, feel, experience this and go beyond the fear of falling into a different place.

When the fear of falling is gone the joy of flying can be experienced, and with that comes the free form dancing of Contact Improvisation.

In this Intensive we will experience and explore how we can learn to override our reactions into a freeform dancing and extending it into flying, we will work with Tension, Intention and Attention to different bodily cues and movement pathways.



Once we will have our Contact Improvisation language on a higher level we will start to challenge our reflexes and reactions our fears and our tendencies and see what physical sensations arise. We will learn to be light as a feather and to land quietly on the floor, we will learn to use our entire body – muscles, bones, joints and connective tissue in order to achieve this not so easy task. This workshop is intended for all levels practitioners of Contact Improvisation from beginners to very experienced practitioners.


Tom Goldhand (NL/IL):

Tom has been dancing, teaching and creating dance for over 15 years. He is a performance artist in the field of Dance & Contact Improvisation. After finishing his studies in Israel he moved to Amsterdam and co-founded with 5 other performance artists the dance group – Mono Collective. In the last years Tom has been teaching and giving workshops on the techniques of Improvisation in Dance and Contact. Tom teaches weekly classes of Contact and Dance Improvisation and gives monthly workshops in the Netherlands, and in Festivals in Europe.

All of the above are just words that are saying basically: Contact Improvisation is my passion and I love sharing it with everyone.