Sink into gravity & Suspend into Space . How to release the physical mass into gravity with time and space to facilitate an efficient movement. And will learn how to make offerings to your partners that allow them the freedom to move without restriction. To find a mutual agreement in what’s on offer we are able to explore our edges, develop a movement conversation together. Suspending into space through the energy of your partner, to play and explore with support by encountering gravity, momentum and weight to enjoy rolling falling and being upside down. The joy of Exploration through C.I . I see dance as not only every ones birth right, it is one of the greatest tools of awakening ones consciousness and awareness. Dancing can be a mirror to look deeply into our self. That we have to do is stay and watch. I trust in playfulness, Intuition and spontaneity.


He is living in Chennai/India is a Painter, dancer, theatre artist, Yoga trainer and more. Graduate from one of the most established Art Institutions in India – The Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai. Has a Masters in philosophy in Yoga. Has a 200 hr of Yoga Alliance from U.S.A in LILA Yoga. Confident and savvy, Suraj is also a contact-improvisation dancer with experience in organizing yoga camps, C.I Workshops and art exhibitions around India and Abroad .He is exposed to the vibrant creative milieu of musicians, dancers, Painters, and actors of this artistically conscious South Indian city and Traveled around Asia with sharing C.I and art work. Worked as a Teacher in Goa Contact festival. Worked with the Goa contact festival team for 8 years now. This year in continuation of the Goa Contact Festival, our intention is to sow seeds of CI India in various parts of the country. As a team he wanted to extend this wondrous journey from the beach into our cities, from dancers to all people.