Intelligent Body

Intelligent Body is an improvisationally and technically challenging module from Combat DanceTM practice where we put you in different situation and let the body train & explore how to deal with those situations and aim to foster creativity and reflexivity. We will study some basic concepts and discover how to work on development of Coordination and Rhythm in the whole body and their crucial role while in relation with another Body or while being in solo. Additionally we will study different relationships between couples, such as power, dependency, indifference, protection etc. This class is also a research ground for touch and the training it offers.


Shifu Ash is a choreographer & experimental dancer from Mumbai, India. He is the Founder & Artistic Director of Tianzhu Dance Theater. His early training background was in Martial Arts while his later training included 3 Years Ballet & 10 Years of Contemporary Dance in India, US, China, Europe & Israel. He is is also a current member of CID-UNESCO Paris (International Dance Council) and the founding member of CDCI (Contemporary Dance Council India).

He has trained with number of artists like: Ohad Naharin, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Nancy Stark, David Zambrano, Joe Alegado, Sara Shelton Mann, Andrew De Lotbini√®re Hardwood, Akram Khan, Desmond Richardson, Era Jouravlev, Stephanie Godino, Kira Kirsch, Terence Lewis, Mia Michael, Sonya Tayeh, Anjelika Doniy, Danny Ezralow, Frey Faust, Corinne Lanselle, Laura Aris… to name a few

He is also the creator of Movement practice called Combat DanceTM, is a hybrid philosophy of Martial Arts & Contemporary Dance, the practice focuses on finding the hidden connections of inner space & outer space. It is improvisationally and technically challenging practice in which touch is a primary training tool. CD offers a higher complexity of the combinations, high physical challenges, and the emphasis on speed, dynamics and risks.