Intensive with Vega Luukkonen


The focus of our practice is physicality. We flow in and out of contact, viewing the dance as a playful dialogue which breathes freely as it develops. Presence and awareness help to expand the horizon of choices and directions, and opens up more possibilities. In our workshops we work both technically – concentrating on building up a functional understanding of underlying physical principles and structures of contact improvisation – and experientially – widening the trust to instincts, impulses and intuition. Also building up an understanding of how our bodies work. How the joints, bones, muscles and skin function to bring clarity and more awareness to movement

The principal themes behind our work are organic, fluid and functional movement. Effortless transitions. Efficiency. Sequentiality. Some of the movement principles and patterns we employ are sourced from release technique, developmental movement patterns and floor-work. The sessions develop slowly from inside to out, ending towards more technical material. We emphasize to begin with individual warm-up, most often from the floor, offering particular principles and tasks. Gradually building up towards standing, visiting different levels  from floor to up, using the natural spirals of the body. Material alternates between contact and solo tasks, and also exercises that connect the group as a whole. Creating an open, safe environment to explore.

We focus on cultivating a deeper awareness of listening, breathing, giving, receiving, and timing. Within specific exercises we explore tools that are helpful to work in contact such as; sharing weight, center-to-center, leaning and supporting, rolling point of contact. Also using ideas around momentum, suspension, inertia & falling. To find effortless ways into weight transfers and lifting. Leading and following, falling and spiralling…

Lightness. How do we distribute our weight intelligently, and when do we give weight? How much is enough to feel each other? Fine tuning and subtle precision. We will also work with dance-scores, different structures for improvisation, which allows participants to get into the flow of their own movement, giving time and space to integrate the learnt technique into their dance.

Technique and Poetry.

Structure and Freedom.

Playful Beings in Motion.


Hugh Stanier

is a Freelance Dance artist specializing Contact Improvisation and Contemporary Dance. He trained at Northern School of Contemporary Dance and has worked as a performer and teacher for over 10 years. Throughout the past few years he has been training in different movement disciplines- from Contact Improvisation and Yoga, to Circus and Tai Chi – to gain a deeper understanding of the body and the power of moving with presence and awareness. He teaches with a variety of different approaches to all ages and abilities, with a focus on creating an inclusive and open environment in which participants can feel free and able to discover new ways of moving. A space of ‘serious play time’!