Frey Faust is a 56 year old veteran of the New York contemporary dance scene, with a strong European renommée and intercontinental touring circuit. His focus for the last twenty years has shifted to the educational value of applied science in the arts, with an emphasis on anatomy and physics, including aspects of sociology and cognitive science. With the help of colleagues from the arts and sciences, He began consolidating the interdisciplinary movement analysis and reference system called The Axis Syllabus (The AS) in the late 1990’s. (


Going to the Mountain, Axis Syllabus Intensive
Relying on a situation adapted approach to the classroom context, I will assume that the direction of the class, its discussions, material content and specific practices will arise out of our meeting. The personal adaptation of given movement material is a physiological necessity, a fundamental aspect of creative expression and self-respect. Improvisational, experiential research usually forms the bulk of class time. Exemplary, repeating movement motifs are chosen as ritual contexts for dynamic meditation (embodied chanting), the recognition and possible alteration of deleterious habit.