Dear dancers,

Scholarship application is opening by September 2021 !

We are happy to present Scholarship Program for Goa Contact Festival. This years offer categories include full scholarships for ten dancers, a discounted participation of 5000rs for ten more and 8000rs for another ten dancers. Lunch and dinner included, accommodation not. New applicants and former scholarship students are invited to send us their applications.

This program supports young dancers from India participating in the international festival for free and discounted. This is a rare opportunity to experience a full spectrum of aspects of Contact Improvisation focusing on research, practice and performance with experienced teachers from all over the world. Participation includes one day of introduction prior to the festival. Facilitators will offer orientation to the festival and some follow-up meetings during the festival in order to create a safe and contained learning environment.

The scholarship program is for Indian nationals only, introduction part is 19/01 and the actual festival from 20-27/01. Please note that participation throughout the duration of 19-27/01 is necessary. The deadline for application process is 11th Dec 2021.

There are also limited amount of scholarship places for other CI-trainings in Goa:  CI- Intensive Training in December and January for Shared Leviation and Axis Syllabus.

Former participants will help with the  program, offering practical support to the new group of participants, supporting communication, arrival, schedule and general information.

In order to apply for your scholarship please fill this form here my application. Within some time you will get a mail from our scholarship coordinator.

Happy to see you soon!