Inspired by the Goa Contact Festival, this troupe of Indian CI teachers have set out on a journey to share the joys of contact improvisation with dancers and non-dancers across the country, performing and teaching in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Dharmsala and Jaipur. They are now back where it all began, to share their learnings and offerings with Forgotten Land.


Let the Dance Guide Us

14th, 15th and 16th Dec

Play and explore with support, by encountering gravity, momentum and weight to enjoy rolling, falling and being upside down. The joy of Exploration through Contact Improvisation. A workshop open to all levels, where we dive deeper into learning how to fall, exploring different senses and letting them guide us, listening to our partner and bringing a somatic approach into our dance.

We will meet three times every day- 10am till 1pm and 3pm till 5:30pm, ending with a jam every night from 7pm to 10pm. The jams on Thursday and Saturday will be open to all as part of Forgotten Land weekly jams.

Contribution: Rs. 8,000
Indian Price: Rs. 4,500
Prices include one meal a day at Forgotten Land

CI India New Year’s Jam

30th Dec – 1st Jan

An invitation to dive into 3 days of jams, labs and body work at the beautiful forgotten Land on Arambol beach. We meet once again to continue the exploration and play with plenty of time to enjoy the sun and the beach, daily jams, lots of music and mixed sessions with labs and bodywork- a flexible structure to fuel our dancing-body curiosities. We meet on the 30th of December and continue our journey into the New Year till the afternoon of 1st January.

Contribution: Rs. 8,000
Indian Price:  Rs. 4,500

29th Dec:

7pm -10pm Jam

30th Dec:

10am-1pm JAM
3pm-5:30pm Body work/lab
7pm-10pm Jam

31st Dec:

10am-1pm Class
3pm-5:30pm Body work/Lab
9pm-10pm Dance Date
10pm- 1am New Year’s Eve Jam

1st Jan:

10am-1pm Goodbye Jam

Moving through change

28th, 29th and 30th January

We continue dancing with the floor, from the Goa Contact Festival into this post festival workshop, transforming our focused-play with the facilitators sharing their work – ‘Sinking into Gravity and Suspending into the Air’, exploring different senses, being guided and inspired by them in our dance and listening to the partner, to ourselves and to the dance itself and understanding how, like everything else, our dance is always changing and transforming from one moment to another.
The workshop is more inclined towards an intermediate level but is open to all other levels.


Contribution: Rs. 8,000
Indian Price:  Rs. 4,500
Prices include one meal a day at Forgotten Land