3-5 Febuary 2016, 9.30-13.00, Love Temple Arambol beach.

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For me dance is always a combination of technique and feeling. Structure and playfulness. It is important to understand the underlying principles of our movement, how does this body work? And on the other hand ability to follow the flow, the sensations, the feelings and letting go of any concepts.

So – along this postworkshop I wish to offer you diverse elements of my favourite ingredients of contact-improvisation and dance. We will work both technically, concentrating on building up logical understanding of basic principles of contact improvisation, as well as widening the trust to our instincts, feelings and impulses.

Baseline to start for me is to slow down, and sink a bit deeper to ourselves. Surrendering to gravity, weight and earth. Breathing, arriving into movement through soft floor-work, and bodywork/massage-inspired material, which allowes us to move into more dynamic exchanges.

We will develop our dances from inside out, from down to up, exploring organic movement on different levels. Finding soft strength and support, preparing our bodies to listen and connect with the others, as well as with the space, and our surroundings.

We gonna explore basic tools as sharing weight, being connected through our centers, following through the rolling point of contact. Support, momentum, suspension. Different qualities of touch, impulses. Leading and following, falling, spiralling… Understanding head-tail connection, and movement of the spine. We are also going to look detailed techniques for lifting and being lifted. Using our breath to soften our being. Finding effortless and easy ways to move together through the space – finding the flow and joy of dancing.

We´ll also play with energetical space around us – flowing in and out of contact. Creating a sphere of listening with all our senses, touching without touching. Developing sensitivity to read and follow each others in movement, and cultivating playfulness – breaking the rules and being surprised.