CI Intensive Trainings with Vega Luukkonen & Prem Tara


18-21. Dec 2017/ 210 € Beginner Training

24- 29 December 2017/ 310 € Advanced Training

 5 -11. Feb 2018/ 310 €  Advanced Training

Indian nationals for discounted price.

For more information and reservation write to:

The december CI-Intensive will be divided in two parts. The first four days are dedicated to basic principles of CI and is open to all practioners interested in fundamentals of ci, also beginners are welcome. Dates for this training are 18-21 Dec and the cost is € 210

After the basic training we will continue an advanced training for 6 days. This intensive is directed to those allready having a firm practice of CI and with an interest towards pedagogics of the form. The dates for advanced training are 24-29 Dec and the cost is  € 310.

These two trainings complements each other. As more advanced practioner you will  benefit from basic training as a ground for pedagogigs. Also for practioners with less experience there might be a possibility to continue with advanced training if teachers so recommend.


This contact improvisation trainings are focused on both building a solid ground of basic contact improvisation skills, develop understanding of underlying physical principles of CI – and as well concentrating on aspects of teaching and facilitating CI, building a community, looking also at emotional, psychological and philosophical perspectives of CI.

Our background and experience in dance is build on understanding the moving body from inside out, creating and cultivating organic and economical ways to move and dance. We will build the common movement language from solo movement, diving into floor-work, developmental movement patterns, building tools to spiral up & down, understanding the function of our joints and skeleton – and how we can move efficient ways without waste effort. We will look at very basic principles of CI, as “rolling point of contact”, support, following & leading, falling, use of momentum, swing and suspension. Backspace, counterbalancing, in & out of contact – concepts of spine and center as leading forces of our movement, and all the 6 limbs being “in the service” of our core…

We will also have space for self-directed learning, labbing, exploring questions and having discussions on different themes. We will also take a look on history of CI, and placing it also on socio-cultural setting – what does it mean to be part of this dance-movement? Is contact political? What does it mean to me to dance contact?


Our pedagogical & didactical structures -how to teach basic skills in ci ? -how to lead jam warm ups ? -how to get regular jams going in your own city ? – structures / scores for practicing ci ? – how to hold a workshop ? – what am I teaching, when I´m teaching contact ?

We can have maximum 30 participants to join in in each Training. For participants of this trainings we offer Goa Contact Festival later in january, 20. – 27. January in special reduced price. And we also happily invite Indian dancers / artists to apply to this program, with reduced price. Indian national price Intensive for Beginners 18-21.Dec is 10.000 INR, Intensive for Advanced 24-29.Dec is 16.000 INR and Intensive for Advanced 5-11.Feb 2018 is 16.000 INR.

There are also limited amount of scholarship places for CI- Intensive Training in December and February and Axis Syllabus in January. Please look in Menu – Dance Exchange. Look up the page scholarship to apply.

Looking forward to dance and explore with you, Goa Contact Festival Team, Iiris, Vega, Volker